Videogame Action RPG in development - Teaser

About the Project

In 2015 the videogame Project B emerged from the development of the artificial intelligence software Ghostshop Engine. Greatly influenced by our past work and experience we created a unique game concept, a solid production plan and finished design of the game's core components. Most recently we are looking for further sources of funding to kick off the first playable prototype of the game. Design and development pipelines keep moving further along and we are happy to see the promising results!


Project B will be an action-adventure videogame and will feature both cooperative as well as competitive game modes. The game will be set in a fictional universe what would be best described as a Cyberpunk Space Western with High Fantasy elements. Project B will be a game about exploring the unknown, great challenges and plentiful rewards. A game about heroes, treasure vaults and multi-gadget mech suits.


We aim to create not only a great virtual adventure but also a polished and deep game system that caters to newcomers and dedicated gamers alike. The game's features will include an intuitive skill and crafting system, deep character customization, fluent and direct controls, parcours-like environment interaction, unique game modes and of course an epic story! Stay tuned for more.


While development of the game continues we are constantly on the lookout to expand our team!

If you are interested in working on the project please contact